Collins Lake Resort

The Collins Lake Resort Construction Defect Rehabilitation Project consisted of 151 condo units located at Government Camp, Oregon. The units suffered extensive damage due to an inadequate original design and construction unable to sustain the weight and toll of large amounts of snow on roofs, trusses, and foundations. The three-story condos began to severely leak. Lorentz Bruun Construction was enlisted to completely reconstruct, repair, and refurbish the units. The selection process produced competitive bids which forecasted project completion from two to three years, seriously impacting the seasonal element of the resort. We worked with RDH Building Sciences and Technology, Inc. and TM Rippey Engineering to design and execute a solution that was completed in a single “off” season, roughly five months from start to completion. Our innovative and design process brought the project in on time and under budget, saving the client more than $5 million dollars and cut down the timelines by almost three years.  The planning and execution of the project was immense, using day, swing, and night shifts throughout the summer seven days a week and part of the plan was to break the job up into six separate zones. 

  Location: Government Camp, Oregon

‚Äč  Architect:  RDH Building Science