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In the past 72-years of service, we aim to provide our clients a dedicated team focused solely to offer them the best service on their construction projects. Though our services vary based on project delivery method, market requirements and our unique client needs, what doesn’t vary are the results.  Our construction experience spans through multiple industries, and we are proud to help all of our clients build successful projects throughout the west coast.  




Additional Experience Includes:

   Office Buildings - Lorentz Bruun Construction has built post tensioned, structural steel and wood framed office buildings for our clients.  Highlights include:
  •       KOIN Tower
  •       American Bank
  •       1805 MLK
  •       1921 SE 3rd
  •       Jantzen Building
  •       Premier Gear
  •       US Customs House
  •       Iron Fireman
  •       522 N Thompson
   Industrial - Lorentz Bruun Construction has serviced plant and facility managers for over 50-years on a variety of projects from small modifications to large plant expansions.  Highlights include: 
  •       Koin Channel 6
  •       Fox 12
  •       AT&T
  •       Quest
  •       Motorola
  •       Verizon
  •       T-mobile
  •       Blitz Weinhart
  •       Raineer Brewing
  •       Craft Brewing Alliance
  •       Miller Brewing
  •       Tri-Met
  •       PGE
  •       Delta Industries
  •       Pepsi
  •       Ashland Chemical
  •       RR Donnelley
  •       British Oxygen
  •       Cheveron
   Banking - Lorentz Bruun Construction has completed over 1,650 bank projects ranging from ground up branches to small in store updates.  Highlights include:
  •       Chase Bank
  •       Key Bank
  •       Banner Bank
  •       US Bank
  •       Washington Mutual
  •       Bank Of America 
  •       First National Bank
  •       First Interstate Bank
  •       Oregon Trail Savings and Loan
  •       PGE Credit Union
  •       Safeway Credit Union
  •       First Independent Bank
  •       Pioneer Savings
  •       Loan, Raineer Credit Union
  •       Ben Franklin Savings and Loan 
  •       Textronix Credit Union
   Retail - Lorentz Bruun Construction has worked with several national and local retailers to build and update their space throughout the west coast.  Highlights include: 
  •       Fred Meyers
  •       Meyer and Frank
  •       Jonathan Adler
  •       Shane Company
  •       Safeway
  •       Platt Electric
  •       Ferguson NW
  •       Signs Now
  •       Palm Beach Tan
  •       Moe's Southwest Grill
  •       Laughing Planet
  •       Hot Lips Pizza
  •       Sizzle Pie
  •       Racoon Lodge Brewpub
  •       Laurawood Brewing 
  •       Market of Choice
  •       H&R Block
  •       Salt and Straw
  •       Bunk Bar
  •       Jack in the Box
  •       Rogue Brewing